GLT LTD brings global equity, debt, and derivatives market experience to the cryptocurrency and emerging market space.

We specialize in creative solutions for crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto, and crypto to crypto liquidity as well as finding and providing traditional financing solutions for growing enterprises and projects.

We also offer consulting for clients in need of advisory services.


As a principal trading firm, GLT trades its own capital at its own risk directly with counter parties. We specialize in minimizing market price impact for crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto, and crypto to crypto transactions. Our risk management, regulatory, FX experience, and banking relationships help successfully navigate the often complicated traditional banking system streamlining fiat settlement. Looking for something specific? We will find it for you. Interested in trading with us? Contact our team and we are happy to discuss how best to meet your needs. 


GLT provides financing for and direct investment in promising projects and companies. We understand it takes money to make money and that growing businesses often struggle to obtain bank credit, have issues with cash flow management, and sometimes need short term financing. We are able to structure financing packages using debt, equity, or a combination of both and are happy to find the optimal solution for your venture. Contact us to start a conversation with us regarding your needs.  


We provide our extensive expertise in traditional finance, global markets, international business, and blockchain technology to clients on a project basis or through an on going advisory role. Given the market volatility, and often lack of liquidity for new projects in the crypto-space there are myriad additional considerations and issues that can arise. We are here to help. Our experience and in-depth understanding of economics, market forces, micro-structure, liquidity, and risk management can be an enormous asset. We are available to discuss any and all issues surrounding your unique situation and pride ourselves in being able to use our knowledge to find creative solutions for complex problems. Contact us today to start finding solutions.